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Wooden Plantation Shutters

Top quality luxurious natural wood shutters.
simply the best on the market

Made from natural sustainable Basswood.
Kiln dried to suit UK conditions.
Proper mortice and tenon joints.

any style, shape and colour

Natural wood finishes
White and coloured paint finishes.
4 different slat sizes.
Full Hieght, Cafe Style, Bi-Fold
Basswood and PVC options

Wooden Plantation Shutters
built to last over 30 years

Not only are these shutters built to last over 30 years but will also add value to your property and could make it easier to sell when your ready to move.

designed, measured, made and fitted

We will help you design, we will measure and get your shutters manufactured to the exact size and fit them as well. And don't forget we have a showroom with a landline number should you need to get hold of us. 


Created from the finest and sustainable Basswood our Shutters are offered in six distinct ranges: Grovewood, Marchwood, Classic, Cleveland, Phoenix and Vienna. This means there's a range to suit any window, taste and budget. These stunning and meticulously crafted shutters are offered across our portfolio of shutter options: full height, tier-on-tier, café style, on a track system and even shaped, arched and circular.

Made to measure wooden shutters for Abergele


GROVEWOOD - Made from premium hardwood, these Shutters extol the natural beauty of the wood and look fabulous in either stained shades or a smooth painted finishes.

MARCHWOOD - A real wood shutter at a stunningly affordable price. Wonderful painted finishes combining hardwood panels with MDF frames to work well in any room.

CLASSIC - One of the most popular ranges as it makes a reliable and tough shutter suitable for almost any application, at an affordable price.

CLEVELAND - Made with MDF frames and ABS louvres, which are extremely tough and durable, this range has the widest choice of stunning colours to tie in with any interior decoration.

PHOENIX - This is a super lightweight, eco friendly Shutter with an attractive woodgrain or paint finish, making it ideal for tier-on-tier installations. Phoenix Shutters are even suitable for conservatory roofs.

VIENNA - This range is super hard-wearing, impervious to heat and water, so it is perfect for bathrooms or other humid environments.

Abergele Full Height Shutters

Full Height

with or without midrail

Being the most popular style, Full height shutters allow you to cover the whole window. Supplied with or without mid rails that can be central or offset to suit your window glazing bars.

Abergele Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier

split top and bottom

Tier on tier shutters have two independent sets of Shutters, one above the other in the same frame with the split either central or offset in-line with the window glazing bar, a good option for sash windows.

Abergele Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style

bottom half only

Cafe style shutters only cover from the bottom up to a point witch is usually to match the window glazing bars, split exactly half way or up to the fanlights. Great for allowing more light in were your not necessarily overlooked..

Abergele Tracked Shutters


cover larger areas

Tracked shutters are ideal for covering much larger areas such Patio or French Doors. Multiple panels fold back on each on a track at the top and optionally at the bottom too. Can also be used as a room divider.

Quality, Style, Luxury and VALUE?

Yes, our amazing Shutters will last a lifetime and actually add value to your property

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